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ホーム: プロジェクト
About me

Embroidery artist maki

Lives in Tokyo.

After working at a record company, I participated in the workshop "Embroidery CAFE" where I enjoyed embroidery at a cafe sponsored by Gallery artist in, and I felt like drawing a picture regardless of the frame, and receiving messages from each material and color. Began full-scale creative activities with the charm of embroidery that values ​​inspiration.

After that, I learned about Lunéville embroidery of haute couture that originated in the city of Lunéville, France in the 1800s, and admired the works and the world created by the embroidery atelier active in the fashion industry, at the haute couture embroidery Lemmikko in Tokyo. Start learning.

Learn the technique of embroidering beads and sequins from the back of the fabric using a special fine crochet called Crochet de Lunéville.

The fun of the process of creating gorgeousness and sparkle by decorating with a lot of beads and sequins based on the design, and the fun of completing one work by freely combining different materials, various shapes and colors. know. In addition, the facial expression changes depending on the thickness of the thread and the strength of the sewing method, and even if the position where the needle is stabbed is different by 1 mm, the balance will be lost. You will also acquire the mental power and concentration to carry out delicate work. The theme of the work is mainly women. Using beads, sequins, cloth, lace, feathers, paper, sewn materials, etc. with Luneville embroidery and needle embroidery, women's charm, mystery, cuteness, luster, elegance, strength, feelings in the heart Etc. are vividly expressed in a small frame. Put extraordinary, dream and fashion into embroidery art.


  • July 2015 First solo exhibition at Cafe Cure (Chigasaki)

  • 2015-2018 SZK Gallery (Chigasaki) Exhibited seasonal exhibition events "Christmas Exhibition", "Chigasaki Beauty Exhibition", "Angel / Mermaid Exhibition"

  • November 2016 Group exhibition "Gallery Daisakusen 39 (Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Atelier East) Exhibited

  • December 2017 Exhibited at Group Exhibition "Gallery Daisakusen 10 Gori Kirinaka" (Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Atelier East)

  • April 2019 Exhibited at "Belladonna Art Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) sponsored by Amore Ginza Gallery

  • August 2019 Exhibited at "Tokyo Ginza Petit Belladonna Exhibition" (Amore Ginza Gallery)

  • October 2019 Exhibited at Art Fair "Salon Art Shopping Paris" (Paris Carrousel du Louvre)

  • November 3rd to November 14th, 2020 "Sumika Exhibition 2 of Spirits" sponsored by Koya (Cafe-Awai Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

  • January 2021 "Made in Japan Exhibition 2020" (Noho M55 Gallery in New York) scheduled to be exhibited

  • April 2021 Scheduled to exhibit at "Belladonna Art Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) sponsored by Amore Ginza Gallery

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  • 2021 4 / 18-4 / 23 Amore Ginza Gallery "Belladonna Art Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) will be exhibited.



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